Chevrolet’s 2016 Silverado has a defective steering system, allowing for up to 3 inches of slack in the steering wheel before the car responds to any directional input, compromising drivers’ ability to effectively steer the vehicle.  

Several Chevrolet Silverado customers report a substantial amount of slack in their steering wheels, allowing them to turn the wheels 2-3 inches to either direction without the vehicle registering any change in direction. This issue has the potential to create dangerous situations as drivers’ steering is less precise, and it would be more difficult to steer to avoid a rapidly oncoming obstacle without losing control of the vehicle. Some mechanics have identified the problem as occurring inside the steering box. The issue appears to primarily affect the 2016 Silverado. GM appears to be repairing defective vehicles under warranty, but the fix does not seem to last very long, as customers report experiencing the same problem again after a few months.

Chevrolet has issued recalls and faced a class action lawsuit on the Silverado for issues with the power steering, but this issue with the slack in the steering of the 2016 Silverado appears to be unrelated to those recalls and class action lawsuits.

GM’s warranties and terms of sale do not include any class action waivers or mandatory arbitration provisions.

Fiat Chrysler faced a similar class action lawsuit in 2020 alleging that the front axle of certain Jeep models was defective, causing the vehicle to shake side to side at highway speeds, compromising drivers’ ability to effectively steer the vehicle. 

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