EMove Cruiser electric scooters are not waterproof as advertised. 

Voro Motors is an electric scooter retailer that started the EMove line. The EMove Cruiser retails for $1,399 and boasts an IPX6 water resistance rating, “waterproof cabling,” and a waterproof LCD display. One owner reports that the promotional materials on the Voro Motors website show someone jet washing the scooter, claim it is one of the most water resistant scooters on the market, and say it can be used in light rain. 

Owners of EMove Cruisers report that their electric scooters die in the rain, allow water ingress, and collect rust

According to reviews, the warranty does not cover water damage and is void if water damage has occurred. Voro Motors has stated that despite what the warranty says, their customer service team will provide owners with spare parts. Yet one user reported: 

“When I left a negative review on the cruiser they deleted it and emailed me claiming the cruiser is designed that way to “let water flow out”. Yeah because leaving unprotected PCB’s and letting in a metric ton of water is IP65 material. Someone needs to start a class action lawsuit for the Cruiser already, and report them to the BBB” 

The main safety hazards associated with electric scooters are related to rechargeable batteries, not water issues. Regardless, consumers have brought class actions against companies such as Apple and Sony for falsely advertising that their devices were waterproof.

Voro Motors’ warranty terms do not contain an arbitration provision. 

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