BMW X5s contain a software defect that causes the instrumental panel screens to go blank.

Owners of BMW’s X5 are noticing their instrumental panel going blank. This is a safety hazard because drivers can’t see their speed, gas level, and other important information. The instrumental panel may not have been manufactured correctly, which this means the passenger side air bag would not be deployed properly. 

Looking at BMW’s warranty, it looks like this problem would be covered under warranty. However, if the problem occurs outside of warranty vehicle owners have to pay to get the problem fixed. Their warranty is four years, 50,000 miles basic and four years, 50,000 miles powertrain. Their warranty includes most mechanical breakdowns due to faulty materials or workmanship.

This problem is annoying to drivers and also serves as a safety hazard because drivers can’t always see their speed and other important information. Also, if the vehicle is outside of warranty, they would have to pay in order to get this problem repaired.

There was a similar class action lawsuit against Porsche. The lawsuit states that Porsche had a failed software update that ruined cars. The lawsuit also states that Porsche should have known about the software defect. This is a similar lawsuit because both are related to software issues pertaining to vehicles.          

Have you been affected?

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