Spotify disabled compatibility with Pioneer and JVC-Kenwood car audio systems in order to promote sales of its own car audio system.

Spotify disabled compatibility with Pioneer and JVC-Kenwood car audio systems. 

Spotify announced the company no longer supports a built-in application interface with Pioneer and JVC-Kenwood car audio head units, meaning customers will no longer be able to launch the built-in Spotify app from the third party audio systems.

Spotify likely made this decision due to the company launching its own car audio system called Spotify Car Thing. By disabling compatibility with third party audio systems, Spotify likely intends to drive more people to purchase Car Thing. 

The interface issue directly affects cars that do not have Android Auto or CarPlay but rely on smaller infotainment units with limited displays. One source reported the change dropped essential functionality Spotify users have been relying on for years. Many customers state that they purchased the expensive car audio systems because they relied on Spotify’s representations that the spotify app would be supported on the audio systems. Now that Spotify no longer supports these third party audio systems, which can cost upwards of $1000, have been significantly devalued

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