Kia Vehicles are Having Substantial Amounts of Paint Peel off the Body of the Cars.

The paint on some Kia vehicles is peeling and flaking off of vehicles without external stimulus. The issue appears to be affecting all model years since at least 2013 (as new as 2022 models) and all colors of Kia vehicles in breach of the implied warranty of merchantability for the vehicle’s paint job.

Customers who have complained about the paint to the dealerships from which they purchased the vehicles have largely been rejected, and Kia has yet to acknowledge any problem with the vehicles. 

One Kia owner has created a Facebook group where they are actively collecting consumers’ complaints and gathering data with the hope of filing a class action lawsuit regarding the paint issue. It does not appear that any law firms are pursuing the issue yet. 

Kia’s terms of use both require claims to be arbitrated and purport to waive consumers’ right to participate in class action lawsuits. 

Plaintiffs represented by the Maher Law Firm, Heninger Garrison David, LLC, and Jackson & Tucker, P.C. filed a similar lawsuit in federal court in March 2022 against GM alleging paint defects on several GM vehicles. 

Have you been affected?

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