Mercedes-Benz’ power steering in its Sprinter vehicles is prone to failure, forcing drivers to unexpectedly have to use manual steering, potentially leading to them losing control of the vehicle.

Several Mercedes-Benz customers report experiencing failures with the power steering system on their Sprinter vehicles while driving, leading to them having to manually steer the vehicles and potentially losing control of the vehicles. This issue is particularly problematic in the Sprinter vans, as they can weigh up to 6,400 pounds, more than twice the weight of the average sedan.  

In January 2019, Mercedes-Benz issued a recall for the 2019 Sprinter VS30 over this exact steering issue. In November 2020, Mercedes-Benz issued a recall for 2015-2020 Sprinters over the power steering hose issue, however the recall does not appear to include all of the affected Sprinter vans. (NHTSA ID Number: 11390785):

“I took my van to the local Mercedes dealer concerned about NHTSA recall 20v-663. I know owners of sprinter vans who are taking their vans in for this recall and the spring type power steering clamp is being replaced with a screw clamp. My 2020 sprinter built in Feb. 2020 is not being captured by the scope of this recall yet has a spring clamp installed and the hose is not fully seated. My vs30 platform 907 van was manufactured in Germany rather than Charleston, SC and for some reason is being excluded from this recall. My local Mercedes dealer will not address this for me. It is my belief that the scope of this recall needs to be opened up to include vs30 platform 907 sprinter vans manufactured in Germany during this same time period. Photo included shows a verified completed recall repair.”

In addition to apparently not covering all of the vehicles within the date range (another customer mentions their 2017 model not being listed), the recalls do not cover earlier  affected models including the 2006 Sprinter, 2010 Sprinter, and the 2012 Sprinter.

Mercedes-Benz’ warranties do not include any binding arbitration provisions or class action waivers.

Ford faced a similar class action lawsuit in 2014 about the power steering systems in the Focus and Fusion models. Ford prevailed on summary judgment three years later, with the judge finding that the plaintiffs would not be able to prove damages, as the power steering systems had been replaced by Ford.

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