Nissan’s Infiniti’s G37 has a defective Occupant Classification System (OCS), leading to the front passenger airbag deploying when it should not, and not deploying when it should, substantially compromising the vehicle’s core safety features. 

Several Infiniti G37 customers report the Occupant Classification System (OCS) in their vehicles failing in the front passenger seat, leading to the airbag indicator randomly flashing on and off, indicating that the airbag either will or will not deploy in the case of an accident. Customers may have claims for defective design. The issue appears to affect the 2010 G37, the 2011 G37, the 2012 G37, and likely other models as well.  

Infiniti’s warranty contains a mandatory binding arbitration provision, but no class action waiver except for claims relating to the vehicle’s Bridgestone tires.

Nissan settled a similar lawsuit in 2016 over allegations that the OCS in several other Infiniti vehicles was defective. The Infiniti G37 was not among the models named in the previous lawsuit. 

Have you been affected?

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