The Kia Telluride’s high-beam headlights cease working without warning, compromising drivers’ ability to drive safely in dark conditions. 

Several Kia Telluride customers report the high beams on their vehicles ceasing to work without warning, potentially leaving drivers in dangerous situations trying to drive in dark conditions. Some customers report that even after replacing their headlights with new bulbs, the high beams are still not working. (NHTSA ID Number: 11461126):

“High beams do not switch on from low beams. Safety is put at risk due to not being able to have visual on roads with no street lights in rural areas. The problem has been reproduced even with new bulbs. No warring messages have appeared.”

The issue appears to primarily affect the 2020 Kia Telluride.

Kia appears to be replacing the components under warranty and has not acknowledged any issue with the vehicles despite widespread complaints about the issue.

Kia’s warranty manual includes an arbitration provision that requires consumers to exhaust Kia’s arbitration procedures before pursuing claims elsewhere, and no class action waiver. 

Nissan settled a similar lawsuit in 2021 over allegations that Nissan’s 2013-2018 Altima headlights are defectively dim.

Have you been affected?

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