The tires on Mazda’s vehicles are failing prematurely, resulting in bulges in the tire’s sidewall that require replacement. 

Several customers report bulges appearing in their tire sidewalls on Mazda vehicles, with no substantial impacts and with as few as 2,000 miles driven.

The issue appears to be occurring in both factory-shipped tires and replacement tires, so it is possible that the problem is a design defect with the structure of the wheel assembly, causing any tire inserted to fail prematurely in this specific way.

Affected vehicles include the 2006 M3, 2019 M3, 2020 M3, and the 2018 6G. Mazda’s standard warranty does not cover tires, which are generally not manufactured by the automaker.

Mazda’s terms of use contain a binding arbitration provision (with an exception for small claims court) and a class action waiver.

GM faced a similar lawsuit in 2021 alleging that their C7 Corvette wheels were defective, leading to warping and cracking. 

Have you been affected?

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