Toyota’s 2021 Rav4 Prime is advertised as having active grille shutters to improve aerodynamics and fuel efficiency, but the vehicles are being delivered without the feature.

Several 2021 Rav4 Prime vehicles are being delivered without active grille shutters, despite the feature being advertised as standard on the vehicles. The issue appears to be affecting the 2021 Rav4 Prime, and it does not seem that any 2021 Rav4 Prime vehicles actually have the feature. Customers may have claims for false advertising.

The active grille shutters are shutters within the vehicle’s grille that open and close based on environmental input to improve the vehicle’s aerodynamics. Toyota has not acknowledged that the vehicles are being delivered without the feature.

Toyota’s 2021 Rav4 Prime warranty includes an arbitration provision that does not appear to be mandatory, and no class action waiver.  Hyundai faced a similar lawsuit in 2020 over allegations that they advertised safety features on the Ioniq that they did not actually include in the vehicles.

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