First Family Insurance's Troublesome Telemarketing Tactics

Have you been getting phone calls about health insurance that you didn't ask for? You're not alone. First Family Insurance, LLC is under fire for phoning people who've said no to telemarketing. They've been calling numbers that are off-limits because they're on the National Do Not Call Registry, but the calls keep coming. This is a serious no-no according to the law called the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Now, there's a big court case aiming to get justice for everyone bothered by these calls.

They Shouldn't Have Called

So what's the big deal? These telemarketing calls aren't just annoying; they're against the rules. Anthony James, the person starting the lawsuit, and others like him told telemarketers "don't call me," by registering their numbers. Even with this clear message, First Family Insurance didn't listen. They called without permission offering their health insurance services, and that's simply wrong. The law says you can't do that.

The Problem with Unwanted Calls

These calls are more than annoying. It might sound like a little issue, but it's about respecting people's choices. When companies like First Family Insurance call folks who've said no to telemarketing, they're stepping into personal space without an invite. It's like a salesperson knocking on your door when there's a "No Salespeople" sign. Not cool, right? It's about privacy and peace at home, and when companies ignore that, it's a serious invasion.

Taking the Caller to Court for Crossing the Line

The lawsuit isn't just a slap on the wrist; it's calling for a triple penalty because of how bold First Family Insurance was with their rule-breaking. Why does that matter? Because the louder the message from the court, the less likely other companies are to try the same sneaky tactics. It's about holding them accountable for not just bugging people but for knowingly ignoring the rules.

Stand up if you've been affected

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Your Experience Can Make a Difference

Feeling frustrated with those calls? Good news — your voice can count. By sharing your story, you add power to the fight against unwanted calls. Whether it’s been First Family Insurance ringing you or some other company ignoring your "no calls" request, your experience is important. Each story is like a piece of a puzzle that can make the big picture clearer and help stop these kinds of calls for everybody.

If you share what happened to you, you're doing more than venting; you're possibly paving the way for change. It lets others know they're not alone, and when people band together, that's when things start to happen.

Do Not Call Means Do Not Disturb

Imagine sitting down for dinner and the phone rings with a sales pitch — that's what we want to stop. First Family Insurance didn't honor the simple request of people who asked for quiet phones. It's a sign of disrespect that can throw off your whole evening. More than that, it's breaking trust and ignoring the rights of individuals to choose who can ring their bell, so to speak.

Help Put an End to Pesky Phone Practices

Are you tired of these calls? Here's your chance to do something about it. If First Family Insurance or any other company has been calling you even though you're on the Do Not Call Registry, let us know. Your input could help with the lawsuit and prevent others from getting harassed by unwanted calls.

Visit reach out to us and file your claim. Don't let these companies dial down your rights. Each claim helps protect personal privacy and encourages respectful business practices.

Remember, filing a claim isn't just about getting back at annoying callers; it's about setting a standard for how companies treat your time and privacy. So take a stand, assert your rights, and let's dial up the pressure against these unwelcome intrusions together.

We wrote this report based on the actual case file 👇
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