Toyota RAV4 Power Liftgate Defect Lawsuit

Toyota's Defective Power Liftgate: A Threat to Consumers and Their Wallets

Imagine buying a brand new car, excited to drive it off the lot, only to discover that the power liftgate, a feature that was supposed to make your life easier, is defective. This is the reality for many Toyota RAV4 owners who purchased their vehicles between model years 2014 and 2021. A recent class action complaint filed against Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc., Toyota Motor Corp., and Toyota Motor North America, Inc. alleges that these vehicles suffer from a design and manufacturing defect in the power liftgate's hinges. This defect not only causes the power liftgate to malfunction but also results in costly repairs for unsuspecting consumers.

What did Toyota do wrong?

The complaint alleges that Toyota failed to inform consumers about the defect before sale, misleading customers and reducing the value of their cars. By not disclosing this information, Toyota was able to sell more vehicles, profiting from unsuspecting consumers who were not aware of the defect. This is a clear violation of consumer protection laws, which require companies to disclose any known defects or issues with their products.

How does this affect consumers?

The power liftgate defect can cause various problems, including damage to the liftgate's components, the vehicle's body, and other surrounding parts. This can lead to expensive repairs, which can cost consumers hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Moreover, the defect can also pose a safety risk, as a malfunctioning power liftgate can cause injuries or damage to property.

But the impact of this defect goes beyond the financial burden of repairs. Consumers who purchased these vehicles did so with the expectation that they were buying a reliable and safe product. The fact that Toyota failed to disclose this defect undermines the trust that consumers have in the company and its products. It also raises questions about the quality control processes that Toyota has in place, and whether the company prioritizes profits over consumer safety and satisfaction.

What can consumers do?

If you own a Toyota RAV4 model from 2014 to 2021 and have experienced issues with the power liftgate, you may be eligible to join the class action lawsuit. The lawsuit aims to protect buyers and seek compensation for losses caused by the defect. By joining the lawsuit, you can hold Toyota accountable for their actions and ensure that the company takes responsibility for the harm caused by their defective product.

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Moreover, it is essential to spread awareness about this issue to inform other consumers who may be affected. Sharing information about the defect and the class action lawsuit can help prevent others from unknowingly purchasing a vehicle with a defective power liftgate.


The power liftgate defect in certain Toyota RAV4 models is a clear example of corporate greed and negligence. Toyota's failure to disclose this defect before sale is a violation of consumer protection laws and has caused financial and safety risks for unsuspecting consumers. It is crucial that companies prioritize consumer safety and satisfaction over profits, and that they are held accountable when they fail to do so.

We encourage all consumers who have been affected by this defect to join the class action lawsuit and make their voices heard. Together, we can ensure that companies like Toyota are held accountable for their actions and that consumers are protected from defective products. Do not hesitate to file a claim with us if you or someone you know has been affected by this issue. Let us work together to create a safer and more just marketplace for all consumers.

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