Chime refuses reimbursement to customers for alleged account hacks and reports of fraudulent charges.

Chime is a financial technology company headquartered in San Francisco, California, with revenue exceeding $600 Million. Chime offers debit, credit, and savings accounts accessible through a mobile application. 

Chime customers allege their accounts have been hacked and are subject to fraudulent charges. Chime has refused to acknowledge the account hacks or reimburse customers for reported fraudulent charges. 

One customer reported a $640 withdrawal in Brooklyn, NY, while they were working in New Jersey. Chime refused to reimburse the customer, and the dispute had no merit. Another Wisconsin customer reported $4,500 in fraudulent charges made in Florida, for which no response has been received from Chime. Customers reported to the Better Business Bureau that Chime customer service is often unavailable to address inquiries or concerns. 

Consumer Fraud Legal Services reports that from September 2018 through December 2021, seven individual fraud cases against Chime have been settled, and three more are pending.  

In December 2020, Chime reached a $1.5 Million class action settlement with customers over allegations that a 2019 service disruption caused financial damages. 

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