Nebra has been making customers wait more than a year for their cryptocurrency mining orders to be delivered, and is not being forthcoming about the extent of the delays.

Nebra is a company that sells components used for cryptocurrency mining as well as other general electronics. Multiple customers have reported having to wait longer than a year to receive their products. Customers have also alleged that Nebra is being less-than-forthcoming about the extent of the delays that they are facing, in the interest of deterring customers from seeking refunds

In addition, customers who have tried to cancel their order after learning that delivery may take multiple months have found that Nebra is unwilling to issue refunds.

Nebra is the subject of many negative online reviews, 57% of their 824 Trustpilot reviews are 1 star reviews, and their average rating is 2.3/5.

Additionally, the profitability of cryptocurrency mining has decreased substantially since Nebra began advertising products. One user reports that in the year that it took Nebra to fulfill their order, that the number of users mining this specific cryptocurrency has gone up from 30,000 to 705,000 (a 23x increase), leading to substantially less mining profitability than customers expected at the times that they placed their orders. Nebra is based in Tennessee.

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