Veve is wrongly banning accounts, causing customers to lose money and property inside the account.

VeVe is an Android and iOS app released by Ecomi. They provide a marketplace for licensed digital collectibles. The app is the first platform to offer NFTs from brands such as Marvel, Disney, and Star Wars.

Customers complain that VeVe is disabling accounts for no reason. VeVe is stating that they ban accounts when they recognize the account as a bot. However, VeVe is wrongly banning accounts that are not bots. When account get banned, customers they can’t access their digital collectibles.  

This problem has caused a lot of VeVe users to lose access to their account due to no fault of their own. This means users are losing everything in their accounts. Users have taken to social media and online forums to discuss this problem. Some users have left this platform due to this problem.                                                                               There was a similar class action lawsuit against Coinbase. The lawsuit states that Coinbase randomly locked users out of accounts for months and deleted funds. This caused users to lose funds and in some cases, users lost their account entirely. 

Have you been affected?

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