Doordash is inaccurately under-crediting delivery people for their “active time” in California, leading to them receiving lower wages. 

Several Doordash delivery people in California report that Doordash is not crediting their accounts with the full amount of “active time” that they spend on a delivery, limiting the wages that they receive for the orders.

Active time” in Doordash is the time that delivery people spend actively delivering or picking up orders, as opposed to waiting for orders to be completed or selecting which orders they want to pursue.

This issue is particularly relevant in California, where Prop 22 (passed in 2021) has guaranteed delivery people 120% of minimum wage for each hour of work. Therefore, by under-crediting delivery people’s active time, Doordash must pay less to delivery workers. The issue appeared to be most prevalent in May 2021, when California’s Prop 22 went into effect. Affected individuals may have claims for wage theft.

Doordash’s independent contractor agreement includes a mandatory arbitration provision which may be opted out of within 30 days, and a class action waiver.

Uber settled a similar class action lawsuit in California for $8.4m in 2022 over allegations that they misclassified their drivers as independent contractors instead of employees 

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