American Home Shield is not delivering on the home warranty services they advertise

American Home Shield offers home warranty services, which are essentially insurance for appliances and systems in a home. American Home Shield claims that they will repair or replace any covered items that break in the home.  

However, many customers that pay for American Home Shield’s warranty services report that the company has denied claims that appear to fall squarely within the services that American Home Shield claims to cover. Specifically, many customers claim that AHS is denying claims that are expressly covered by the terms of their warranty, as well as wasting customers’ time by sending unqualified technicians who are unable to address the problem without AHS sign-off, which has not been forthcoming. Finally, AHS has promised to refund customers who pay for their own repairs out-of-pocket, but has not been delivering on those refunds.

American Home Shield is the subject of thousands of negative reviews online. On the Better Business Bureau’s site, American Home Shield has an average rating of 2.3/5 with over 9,800 reviews, including over 10,00 complaints closed in the past 12 months. On TrustPilot, American Home Shield has an average rating of 1.9/5 with more than 2,500 ratings. Indeed, the entire subreddit /r/americanhomeshield is full of users detailing their negative experiences with the company.

Customers may have a lawsuit for bad faith denials of their claims.

Have you been affected?

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