JustAnswer, an online Q&A service, is charging customers’ credit cards without their consent and making it difficult for them to cancel their subscriptions

JustAnswer is an online subscription service that offers “question-and-answer” services that allow paying users to ask questions of “experts” in a variety of fields, including law, to medicine, veterinary care, tax questions, etc. 

Several users have reported unauthorized charges on their bank statements from JustAnswer after signing up for the free trial. For example, several customers have reported signing up for a reduced-price trial, canceling within the term of the trial, and still being charged for at least one full billing cycle of regular-price service, despite never being notified. JustAnswer is also refusing to issue refunds to customers who seek to cancel their service immediately after subscribing, but before using the product. 

One customer states: 

“The company is very misleading. Ad stated I would be charged $1 that was refundable for seven days trial access. I was charged the $1, canceled within the first 24 hours. And 3 days later my account was charged another $50. When I contacted them about a refund they said I was not eligible for a refund. when I emailed them screenshots stating it was $1 for a 7-Day trial and that I canceled within the 7 days. The operator I was emailing with stopped responding.i went to live chat and operator there disconnected from the chat. I see several complaints on this issue.”


JustAnswer’s terms of service provide for binding arbitration and a waiver of class action rights

A relatively similar lawsuit was filed against Microsoft in 2011 for double-billing some customers for Xbox Live’s subscription service. 

Have you been affected?

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