Uber has been signing users up automatically for UberPass, a subscription service, and refusing to process refunds.

Many Uber users report having been signed up unknowingly for Uber Pass, Uber’s monthly subscription ride service at a rate of $24.99 per month. Upon discovering this, sometimes several months later, Uber is refusing to process refunds for users further back than one month in the past regardless of their actual use of the service. 

Additionally, users claim that they continued to be charged for Uber Pass after the service was discontinued on November 16, 2021.

A similar lawsuit was filed in California against Optavia, LLC in April 2022, claiming that Optavia unlawfully enrolled customers in their subscription program for weight-loss products without customers’ proper consent to enroll them. 

Uber’s terms of service both require claims to be arbitrated and purport to waive consumers’ right to participate in class action lawsuits. 

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