Instacart does not reimburse shoppers for a widespread error in its 1099 reporting for 2021

Instacart sent out incorrect 1099 to their contractors for the 2021 tax year. 

The revised 1099 statement of earnings for the tax year 2021 that increased their reported earnings well after the January 31, 2022, IRS deadline. The revised 1099 statements required shoppers to amend their 2021 income tax returns. Amending the 1099s cost shoppers approximately $100 in fees, but Instacart has not offered to pay or reimburse shoppers for these fees, even though they are the result of Instacart’s error. 

There are approximately 500,000 Instacart shoppers, and the issue may apply to all shoppers

Additionally, some shoppers report that the revised statements did not match the earnings reported in the application. Instacart provides 1099 information online via Stripe Express.

Have you been affected?

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