The Ideal Professional Institute, an online nursing program, recently lost accreditation for some programs and is not issuing any sort of refunds to students who are now ineligible to sit for the NCLEX, the national nursing licensing examination

The Ideal Professional Institute is a for-profit, online nursing school based in Florida. Since its inception, the school has delivered extremely low certification pass rates (9.62% of graduating students in 2018). Most recently, some students report their applications for the national nursing certification exam have been denied, on the grounds that the school is permanently banned for its registered nurse (RN) program, and on probation for its licensed vocational nurse (LVN) program since 2018. 

A similar lawsuit was filed against Mountain State University in 2012, where nursing students claimed that the school had concealed its accreditation problems from students, leaving them with worthless degrees. 

Have you been affected?

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