Awair falsely advertised its partnership with PlanetWatch to sell products. 

Awair is a California company that designs smart air-quality devices. It advertises with major companies, such as Airbnb, CocaCola, EA Sport, and LinkedIn. 

In October 2021, Awair announced a partnership with Planetwatch to begin in April 2022 in which users would receive a cryptocurrency called $PLANETS in exchange for running Awair sensors in their homes. 

As a result of the anticipated partnership between Awair and Planet watch, Awair products were in high demand. Awair heavily advertised the partnership as a means to sell its products. Awair doubled the price of the Awair Elements product to $300. Customers bought tens of thousands of the Awair Element sensors in order to take advantage of the partnership. 

Then, on March 30, 2022, Awair announced that it will no longer be moving forward with the partnership with Planetwatch. 

Customers are furious that Awair used the anticipated Planet Watch partnership to sell its products for months, and then abandoned the parntership. Awair is not allowing customers who relied on Awair’s false advertsing to return products.

Awair’s terms contain an arbitration provision, which may apply to the claims above. 

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