Whirlpool gas ranges contain defective knobs that cause customers to unknowingly turn on the gas. 

Customers complain that the lock mechanism on Whirlpool gas ranges is extremely weak, allowing the knobs to be bumped to a position that allows gas to flow without any flame. According to consumer complaints lodged with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, this issue has caused the gas to turn on in customers’ homes, which could lead to potentially serious safety issues: 

“Whirlpool Range – Model WEG745H0FH – SERIAL #R64010383 The knobs on my Whirlpool gas range do not click into a locked off position. The slightest bump can accidentally turn on the gas without igniting a flame. The stove was purchased in December of 2016, and though there have only been about four instances of this happening to us, today’s Incident was the most alarming. My husband left for work before 7AM, and apparently bumped one of the range knobs while packing his lunch. I woke around 10:30 to a very strong propane odor. I went straight to the stove and turned the knob off. The entire house was filled with the odor, the gas being nicely distributed for hours by both upstairs and downstairs central air conditioners. After airing out the house, I called Whirlpool to see if they had any solution for this issue, since I think it’s a dangerous design flaw and I cannot believe I am the only one having this issue. The rep checked for recalls, found none (even though I’ve read that LG did a recall for this very same thing), and recommended I purchase knob covers – which I believe are child safety covers. I will look into doing that, but I worry about the potential danger to all consumers with this type of stove knob.” CPSC # 20200311-647C1-2147374409

“We own a Whirlpool gas range and have noticed on numerous occasions the just lightly bumping the top burner knobs causes them to turn on with out starting the igniters. We could smell gas while standing there. I checked out the knobs and discovered that the positive lock mechanism is extremely weak allowing the knobs to be bumped to a position that allows gas to flow but no ignition. The last time this occurred was this morning at 0755 (Local). I know there have been numerous explosions around the country from unexplained gas leaks. If I was not disabled and home the majority of the time then we could have been a victim of the same issue. This is the second Whirlpool gas range with this issue!” CPSC # 20180101-C8620-2147394139

“I purchased a Whirlpool Gas Range (model WGG745SOFS02: serial # D72317056) on or about July 15, 2017. The locks that require the burner knob to be pushed inward prior to turning on do not work effectively. The gas has been turned on by my people walking past the stove brushing against it . Every gas stove I have had prior to this model required deliberate action to push in the knob and turn it. I have never before had a knob turn accidentally. There have been several occasions we did not notice the knob had been turned until we smelled gas. My wife has found comments in reviews of the item with the same complaint. Whirlpool tells me that this is not a common complaint and there is no known repair. We have had issues with this in the year that we’ve owned the range.” CPSC # 20180726-5BB10-2147386574

“Whirlpool Gas Stove will allow gas to escape with the burner not lit. If the control knob is bumped and moves to the side, in the on position, the gas will escape with the burner not being lit. This has happened multiple times and usually is not caught until there is a strong odor of gas in the room. Reported it to Whirlpool and they sent a third party repair person who looked at our stove and contacted Whirlpool to see if anything could be done. Whirlpool said they do not have stronger springs or controls that would correct this. This has happened multiple times and others I know who have Whirlpool Gas Stoves have had the same thing occur.” CPSC # 20211215-0366A-2147358420

“Knobs for gas cooktop are located on the front of the unit. The slightest unintentional brushing on any of the knobs will cause the gas to flow to the burner, many times without igniting the gas. This has happened numerous times including today. On one occasion it happened unbeknown to us when we were leaving to run errands. We came back to a house full of gas and had to ventilate the townhouse. Contacted the KitchenAid customer center and was told there is no fix for this safety issue. Told to You would have to be careful around them. They are ignoring a serious safety issue! The knobs are too easily turned with only a very very slight push on the knob. This is a severe safety issue as any child or even a pet could turn it on. Several other consumers have reported this issue to saferproducts.gov over the years but apparantly no action has been taken to address it. I welcome a Consumer Safety Commission inspector to visit our home to check it out. Consumer Safety Commission should ask KitchenAid/Whirlpool how many times they have received complaints about this issue.” CPSC # 20191202-A3BFB-2147376248

Whirlpool does not provide any repair or replacement for this issue, and repair man do know of any way to fix the defect other than purchase child safety knob covers. 

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