ReadyRefresh charges customers monthly even after cancellations

ReadyRefresh is a delivery service for bottled water, sparkling water, and other beverages. The parent organization is BlueTriton Brands which is an American beverage company in Stamford, Connecticut. It was formerly Nestle Waters North America, Inc. 

Former customers of ReadyRefresh are still being charged a monthly fee even though they canceled their accounts. In addition, customers who want to cancel their account have a hard time doing so because the contact number is difficult to dial, and nobody answers the phone. Sometimes the answering machine tells customers: “due to high call volume, our customer service team is unable to handle your call.”                                      

This ongoing problem makes customers lose money even though they have canceled their accounts. Some customers have reported being charged for over a year after canceling their subscription. 

There was a similar class action lawsuit against OnStar. OnStar continued to charge customers monthly for radio services after canceling their subscription.

Have you been affected?

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