Secret Lab’s gaming chairs have a design defect that causes the armrests to crack and tear.

SecretLab sells a gaming chair called the “Titan” for $500.00. The chair is widely sold, and has over 31,000 reviews on SecretLab’s website.

This chair contains a defect that causes the armrests to crack and tear, making the chair difficult to use for its intended purpose of gaming. 

Although this is a widespread issue, SecretLab considers this defect normal wear and tear not covered by warranty, and charge customers for a replacement armrest for $20.00. In some instances, SecretLab refuses to sell replacement armrests altogether if the chair was not bought from SecretLab directly. There are also instances where customers report that replacement parts are out of stock, and they are unable to use the chair as a result. 
Secret lab’s warranty terms do not contain an arbitration provision.

Have you been affected?

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    1. DJUnreal

      Confirmed. Three times I’ve had to fight with them over this. They’re really not doing a good job of customer service with this one…

    2. Josh Ratliff

      I’ve been fighting with them about this for over a year. I’ve had 2 replacements sent to me, but they were the same defective armrests. I have TONS of emails, pictures, and conversations with them I can contribute upon request. I’m sick of their excuses and want this issue resolved. I’ve had cheaper chairs made from similar material that lasted for years. These armrests only last about 6-9 months before tearing on the sides.

    3. Michel Lauzon

      I have contacted them once, I was told it wasn’t under warrenty after only 5 months of using the chair since it was normal wear and tear, but he played the ” we are nice” card and sent one replacement, then a couple weeks later the other side started to crack, I wasn’t able to get a replacement, and they are never in stock, So both side now are cracked again. Sucks that I paid 700$ for the batman edition titan and its all cracked up.

    4. Stark Bishop

      My armrests lasted less than 3 months after the purchase of my Secretlab Titan. After arguing with their customer service department over “normal wear and tear” they replaced ONE of the armrests for free (even though both were damaged) and the replacement lasted less than 4 months before cracking again. This chair is wonderful for my back, but the armrests are clearly a product defect.

    5. Alan Wisternoff

      Secretlab replaced both my armrests under warranty but did say it was “Normal wear and tear”. But now both the replacements have fallen apart.

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