Wyze allowed a vital security flaw to persist in its software for more than 2 years, allowing hackers access to customers’ images and videos.  

Wyze is a security camera company that sells budget, wi-fi-enabled home security cameras. Their offerings are less expensive than some of their well-known competitors, Ring and Nest. The offerings range in price from $29.99 on the lower end to $154.99 on the higher end.  

Apparently, a major security flaw initially reported and acknowledged by Wyze in December 2019 allowed hackers remote access to videos and images stored on the memory cards being used by Wyze cameras. Initially, Wyze claimed that the data breach was due to an employee’s mistake, and that it had been resolved, but then found a second data breach weeks later.

On March 17, 2022, Wyze released an update with security updates to its cameras. While other updates include a detailed description of what was addressed, this update simply is described as “security improvements.”

Additionally, it appears that Wyze Cam v1 – which went on sale back in 2017 – will never be patched, so it will remain vulnerable for as long as it is used

Ring LLC, the maker of the Ring security camera, has faced multiple class action lawsuits on invasion of privacy theories over a substantially similar issue where hackers have been able to gain access to the camera’s feeds. 

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