Consumer Cellular users experience service interruptions and plan changes without notice

Consumer Cellular is a mobile virtual network operator that offers affordable postpaid wireless services running on AT&T and TMobile networks. The carrier has over $1 Billion in annual revenue.

Consumer Cellular customers report sudden voice and data service interruptions and slowdowns, possibly related to 3G and 4G cellular network changes. One worker at Target reported seventy Consumer Cellular customers in just one week who came in with service that suddenly stopped working. For some customers these interruptions have lasted for months, during which they have not had the ability to text or email over cellular data (i.e. without being connected to a wifi network).

Consumer Cellular has communicated mixed messages about the cause of the interruptions, stating that service interruptions are due to a network change from 3G to 5G as well as insisting that customers need new devices to resolve the issue. Customers report being forced to upgrade plans when they pursue the recommended device changes. (Customers forced into plan changes by Consumer Cellular).

In one case, Consumer Cellular acknowledged the need for service upgrades, but predicted that it would be a year (August 2022) before the wifi issues would be resolved. Customers say the company does not give credit for their unexpected service interruptions.   

Consumer Cellular’s terms of service contain an arbitration provision. 

Have you been affected?

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