Dell’s Alienware laptops’ speakers are vibrating loudly against the chassis when playing sound, substantially compromising the sound quality coming from the laptop. 

Several customers report substantial disruptive speaker noise, or “crackling” coming from their Alienware speakers when playing sound. Customers may have claims for defective design.

The issue appears to be affecting several Alienware models, including the M17 R2, M17 R3, M17 R4, the AW 17 R5, the 15 R3, the M15 R1, the x17 R1, and likely other models as well.

Dell’s terms of sale contain a mandatory arbitration provision and class action waiver.

In 2019, Google settled a similar lawsuit for over $7m to resolve claims that their Pixel phones are defective and have speaker and microphone issues.  

Have you been affected?

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