LG does not honor its second year warranty promise

LG’s second year promise offers free second-year limited warranty coverage on top of the manufacturer’s first year limited warranty. The second year warranty applies to the following phones: LG Wing, LG Velvet, LG V60 ThinQ, and LG V50 ThinQ. 

The second year warranty terms state that, when customers make a claim, the customer will receive a replacement device within two business days from when the original device is confirmed as shipped.

Although the warranty terms provide that customers will receive a replacement device after making a warranty claim, customers state that LG does not provide a replacement device after they make a claim. 

For example, a customer with an LG V60 phone had a defective charging port on his phone, which prevented the phone from charging (this, incidentally is a common issue with the V60 phone for which LG has categorically denied warranty for). Instead of offering the customer a replacement phone, as required under the warranty terms, LG instead only offered the customer $270 in cash, and the customer had to return the phone in order to receive the cash. The phone’s price is $800. As a result, customers do not believe $270 in cash in exchange for the phone is satisfactory under the terms of the second year warranty. 

For customers who do ship their phone to LG in order to get a replacement phone, LG does not honor its promise to provide a replacement device within two business days. Instead, customers often do not get a replacement phone for over two months, and are left without a phone to use in the meantime. 

The issues with LG’s second year warranty are very similar to a class action filed against Motorola in 2016. The lawsuit alleged that customers had trouble claiming the benefits of their warranty for their motorola smartphones, and Motorola did not provide replacement phones within 4 days, as required under Motorola’s warranty terms. The case was settled in 2017 providing relief to class members in the form of replacement devices and cash payments for late phone replacements.

The second year warranty promise terms contain an arbitration provision. 

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