Microsoft’s Surface laptops have defective trackpads which act erratically and register ‘phantom’ clicks, substantially compromising users’ experience in breach of the implied warranty of merchantability.

Several users of Microsoft Surface laptops report their laptop’s trackpad acting erratically and registering ‘clicks’ wherever the cursor happens to be located when the laptop is being used normally, substantially compromising their ability to use the laptops in certain settings. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Pro 7 are hybrid tablet-laptops with detachable keyboard+trackpad attachments. 

Some users have reported that the problem arises when they are typing, as the casing of the laptop depresses in a way to force the trackpad down and ‘click,’ while other users report that the issue arises when they are using the trackpad, and the mouse begins to move erratically and occasionally register phantom clicks during normal usage. Finally, another group of users report that the trackpad does not function normally when the device is plugged in to charge. The issue appears to be affecting the Surface Go, the Surface Laptop Studio, the Surface Pro 6Surface 7 Pro, the Surface Pro 4, the  1st Gen Surface Laptop, and the Surface Laptop 2. Customers may have claims for defective design.

Microsoft appears to be replacing the devices under warranty (both the type cover for detachable devices and the device itself), though some of the replacement devices are experiencing the same issue. 

Microsoft’s hardware warranty includes a binding arbitration provision and class action waiver.

A similar class action lawsuit was certified against Apple in 2021 alleging that it knew that the keyboards in some models of its MacBook laptops were defective. 

Have you been affected?

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