Some OnePlus phones fully cease to work (“bricking”) randomly after normal use.

Several OnePlus users report their phone completely ceasing to work seemingly out of the blue. The issue seems to be affecting the OnePlus 6T, the 7T, the Plus 7 Pro, the 3T, the 8 Pro, and the 9 ProSome users seem to be able to fix the problem with a combination of troubleshooting steps, but those steps do not appear to be working for all users. Customers may have claims for defective design, as well as potential damages resulting from lost work and files. 

OnePlus has not acknowledged the issue, and it is not clear whether OnePlus is replacing bricked devices that are still covered under warranty, but it appears to be recommending that some users affected by this issue file repair requests, at which point OnePlus would decide whether the repair is covered by warranty or not. 

OnePlus’ terms of sale contain a mandatory arbitration provision and class action waiver. 

Apple settled a similar class action lawsuit in 2017 over claims that their phones had been rendered useless (or “bricked”) by a software update. Huawei and Google similarly settled a class action lawsuit in 2019 over “bootlooping” that occurred in their Nexus 6P phone. 

Have you been affected?

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