StockX has been deceptively selling customers inauthentic merchandise and refusing to process refunds or returns regarding the inauthentic goods. 

Several StockX customers report receiving counterfeit goods that were advertised as being brand name merchandise. In addition, customers report substantial difficulties in attempting to contact StockX customer support in regard to the counterfeit goods that they receive. Some customers report the phone customer support line being closed, the chat support function not working at all, chat function disconnecting multiple times when they are seeking customer support, and StockX’s customer support being combative when disputes are raised publicly. Customers may have claims for false advertising.

According to StockX’s terms and conditions, all sales are final once the goods have been delivered and authenticated (emphasis added). StockX’s policy regarding counterfeit goods is as follows: the buyer who suspects they received counterfeit goods must contact StockX in writing within 3 days of receiving the merchandise (a very short timeframe, what happens if one is out of town when the shoes arrive at their residence?), at which point StockX will commence an investigation into the allegedly counterfeit item(s). StockX’s terms and conditions also contain a class action waiver and a mandatory binding arbitration provision that may be opted out of within 30 days.

As of May 2022, Nike has an existing lawsuit against StockX for StockX’s alleged use of inauthentic goods while representing the goods to be authentic.

The online marketplace Redbubble faced a similar class action lawsuit in May 2021 alleging that it sells a large amount of counterfeit merchandise without informing customers, and also alleging copyright infringement claims. 

Have you been affected?

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