Multiple companies market bi-polar ionization air purifiers to kill viruses and bacteria despite scientific studies showing that it is ineffective at eliminating viruses, and may even be harmful to human health.

In March 2021, researchers at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Colorado State, and Portland State published a study detailing sub-par effectiveness and even safety concerns with some air purifiers marketed for COVID-19. Separately in June 2021, Boeing released a study detailing its findings that bi-polar ionization technology was ineffective in cleaning its planes.

Despite these findings, some companies continue to sell bi-polar ionization air purification devices to consumers as ways to kill viruses. Companies selling bi-polar ionization purifiers that they have advertised as being for anti-disease and anti-virus purposes include AirOasis, Iso-Aire, and Envion (through subsidiary brand Ionic Pro). Customers may have claims for false advertising, as well as damages from health issues that are connected to the use of the air purifiers. 

One major manufacturer of the technology, Global Plasma Solutions (GPS) is currently facing a class action lawsuit (filed in June 2021) alleging false advertising.

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