Tattooed Chef, a plant-based food company, uses chicken eggs, an animal product, alongside explicitly vegan ingredients in its pre-packaged breakfast bowl.

Multiple customers report being misled by Tattooed Chef’s use of chicken eggs, an animal product, in their griddle pancake breakfast bowl, as the other two ingredients in the bowl are plant-based sausage and vegan cheese sauce, strongly suggesting that the dish is vegan or contains no animal product despite not expressly describing the product as vegan.

 A plant-based food company, Tattooed Chef sells other products that use chicken eggs, but none primarily consist of other ingredients that are otherwise described as “plant-based” or “vegan”.   Burger King faced a similar lawsuit in 2019 over alleged misrepresentation of their “Impossible Burger” as being vegan despite it being contaminated with meat products. The lawsuit was dismissed in 2020, on the reasoning that the class failed to show that customers were deceived into paying higher prices as a result of the misrepresentation.

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