Apple’s AirPods Pro Have Substantial Connectivity Issues with Apple iPhones.

Apple’s AirPods Pro are experiencing substantial connectivity issues with Apple iPhones across multiple generations of Apple’s iOS in violation of both the implied warranty of merchantability and Apple’s own 1-year limited warranty.

Users are experiencing their AirPods persistently failing to connect to their devices, as well as randomly un-paring and needing to be set up again. The issue appears to be occurring across multiple versions of Apple’s operating system. As an anecdote to illustrate the widespread nature of the issue, Y Combinator no longer allows airpods to be used during its demo day pitch competition. 

Apple appears to be replacing some users’ Airpods Pro headphones as defective, though they have not admitted to any sort of widespread problem. Claims regarding Apple’s AirPods do not appear to be subject to arbitration. 

Have you been affected?

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