Apple’s AirPods Pro Have Substantial Microphone Problems, Leading to People Being Unable to Hear AirPods Pro Users on Phone Calls.

Several users have reported microphone issues with their Apple AirPods Pro headphones, leading to AirPods Pro users being unable to be heard on phone calls in violation of both the implied warranty of merchantability and Apple’s own 1-year limited warranty.

This problem appears to be occurring when the AirPods connect to any device, both with Apple’s own products and with other manufacturers’ products. 

Apple appears to be replacing some users’ Airpods Pro headphones as defective, but the replacements seem to suffer from the same defect. As one customer states, he is on his fifth pair of replacement headphones due to this issue.

The issue is similar to a class action settled against Google, claiming that the Google Pixel’s microphones are defective, causing them to fail. 

Claims regarding Apple’s AirPods do not appear to be subject to arbitration. 

Have you been affected?

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