Steelseries Arctis Pro headsets break under normal use

The Steelseries Arctis Pro suffers from a design defect that makes it prone to crack very easily. There are countless online threads about this defect and customers online have expressed interest in a potential class action to remedy the defect.

An online review succinctly summarizes the defect:. “The piece of the headset that allows the earpiece to move is much too stiff at the joint where it meets the headband, and as such it put way too much force on the joint where the rotator meets the earpiece, and the earpiece snapped off. The simple motion of taking the headset off my head is what caused the device to break.”

In some instances Steelseries does not honor warranty claims for the defective headphones because Steelseries claims that the warranty only covers manufacturing defects, not design defects such as this.

 In other instances, Steelseries replaces the headphones while they are within the one year warranty period (though they make the warranty process very difficult). However, the replacement headphones contain the same defect, and the warranty period is tied to the original purchase data, not the date the customer received the replacement. 

The USA sales for the Arctis Pro Wireless on Amazon alone since the products’ release is approximately $17.28M. 

Have you been affected?

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