Sportsman’s Guide is canceling ammunition backorders to sell ammunition at higher prices

Sportsman’s Guide is an online retailer of hunting and fishing gear, military surplus, ammunition, and outdoor sporting goods. They are headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Sportsman’s Guide is pushing back shipping ammunition orders. The company then cancels the orders without notifying customers. Customers then have to reorder the ammunition at a higher price. Customer support says there is nothing that can be done. They’re doing this in order to get out of selling ammo at the original cheaper price when the prices of ammo were significantly cheaper.

This problem is causing customers to have to pay double the price of ammunition. In addition, customers have to wait a long time to get their orders because of the push back and cancellation of the original order.There was a similar class action lawsuit against Amazon. The lawsuit states that Amazon took advantage of customers during the pandemic. Amazon was selling products with prices well above the normal level for essential household goods.

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    1. Joe W

      I ordered 4500 rounds of ammo in April of 2020. I don’t recall any of it being listed a backordered or out of stock. I thought they would ship this ammo immediately after I ordered.

      They only shipped 500 rds and kept sending me E-mails to cancel the order for months. These were not “Please cancel” They were “We will cancel unless you say you want to keep your order.”
      I answered affirmative, I want to keep my order to every single E-mail. A few months after the last one they said my order was canceled anyways. I told them I didn’t want to cancel my order & I clicked all their E-mails, which were glitching out, multiple times until I was finally sure I got on & secured my order. I told their customer service their continue subscribing E-mails weren’t working also.
      In the end I had a few heated exchanges with their customer support where they basically said they didn’t care about me or my order, they would not accept or remake my order even though I asked them to honor the order & prices immediately after they canceled it. By that time they had already raised their prices considerably, doubling most of the prices on every item.
      This caused me personal financial loss because I took group buys from friends/coworkers that I covered with my own ammo on hand because I, unlike Sportsman’s Guide, have honor & credibility. I never shop there anymore & they never offered or gave me any store credits/discounts for mangling my order.

      They’re also predatory with their club membership. Begging people to sign up & hiding any way to cancel/remove your club membership after you accept one.

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