BitLife lied about the key benefit of purchasing its membership

BitLife is an app simulator game available on IOS and Android. The game has over 2.4 million reviews between the Apple and Google Play store. According to some customers, the app has had over 20 million downloads. 

Bitlife offered a product called “Bitizenship”, which, if purchased, gave customers access to all future content on the game for free. BitLife continued to advertise this as a benefit of the membership as late as March 8, 2022. Despite this promise, BitLife began making future content on the app available only through an additional purchase. As a result of this false advertising, customers are angry that they bought the “Bitizenship” membership and did not receive its key stated benefit of all future content being free. Users have created a hashtag on twitter “#bitlied” to discuss the topic.

Have you been affected?

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