Some LG monitors’ HDR feature does not work, instead displaying a gray screen.

Some LG monitors are advertised as having a functional HDR (high dynamic range) feature. However,  when users attempt to activate the feature while using the monitors’ HDMI ports, the feature does not work and displays a solid gray screen instead. In other cases, users have complained that the HDR feature makes the screen gray-ish and washed out.

Affected models include the 27UL600, the 27UP600, the 27UP850, and the 29WK600. In addition, the issue appears to affect some LG televisions as well, including the C1 and G1.

In 2021, Samsung settled a similar class action lawsuit against it for defective plasma TVs, in which red lines allegedly appeared erroneously throughout the screen, and the company’s alleged failure to provide replacement TVs to affected customers.

Have you been affected?

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