Some PlayStation 3 users’ digitally-purchased games have unexpectedly “expired” and are no longer available for use. 

Without any announcement from Sony, some PS3 users’ digitally-purchased games unexpectedly “expired,” becoming unusable in users’ game libraries. Affected games include Final Fantasy VI, Run Factory: Oceans, and Unit 13 among others. 

Some users have reported that they have regained access to their games, but many users still appear to be locked out of their games. 

Sony’s PlayStation Network, the service through which online games are purchased, includes both a class action waiver and a binding arbitration provision in its terms of service which must be opted out of within 30 days.

Apple faced a similar lawsuit in 2021 over the revocation of users’ licenses for purchased movies and music, despite customers believing that they owned the products outright. 

Have you been affected?

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