BoxVR/FitXR, a fitness game, began as a one-time purchase, but recently switched to a recurring subscription model, effectively revoking the licenses of the users who had purchased the initial version. 

Users who purchased FitXR (rebranded from BoxVR in 2020) for a $29.99 one-time fee unexpectedly saw their purchase rendered useless as the game has transitioned to a monthly subscription model, removing many features that users had previously enjoyed. One-time purchasers were given three-month free subscriptions to the new service.

FitXR responded to widespread consumer backlash over their decision by making some, but not all the features they had removed available again, but not changing from their new subscription model.

A similar lawsuit was filed against SiriusXM in 2016 when they enacted a similar policy of telling customers that had bought lifetime licenses that their licenses were good for the lifetime of the product, not the customer’s lifetime.

FitXR is a company headquartered in London. FitXR’s EULA does not include any arbitration or class action waiver provisions. 

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