Super Natural Goods’ “natural” and “organic” line of deodorant products contain Hydrogen Peroxide, a synthetic ingredient and skin irritant that has been causing rashes and chemical burns among customers.

Several customers report serious skin irritation, hyperpigmentation, and even chemical burns from Super Natural Goods’ underarm deodorant products. The deodorants are advertised as being both “natural” and “organic,” but contain Hydrogen Peroxide, a synthetic ingredient. Customers may have claims for false advertising and damages resulting from their use of the products. The entire line of Super Natural Goods deodorants use hydrogen peroxide and are advertised as both “natural” and organic.”

Regarding the false advertising claim, the food company Kashi settled a similar lawsuit in 2015 for $3.99m over claims that their products were misleadingly labeled as “all-natural” while containing GMO ingredients. On the damages claim, the cosmetics company Neutrogena faced a similar lawsuit in 2021 over claims that their facial wipes caused burning and irritation.

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