Tidal is charging customers for subscriptions that they have already canceled. 

Several customers of the music streaming service Tidal made it difficult for them to cancel their subscriptions, and also that Tidal continued to charge customers for subscriptions after they believed that they had canceled.

On multiple occasions, customers report that the webpage that would allow them to cancel their subscriptions was not working, and separately, that even after thinking that they had successfully canceled their subscriptions, report receiving charges from Tidal.

Customers report that Tidal refuses to refund customers for these erroneous charges. Many customers report that the only way they were able to stop their subscriptions was by initiating chargebacks with their banks and blocking subsequent charges with stop-payment orders.

A similar class action lawsuit was filed against Trustpilot in 2021, alleging that Trustpilot subjected its subscribers to deceptive business practices by sending auto-enroll emails that went to subscribers’ spam boxes, such that they would not be read until subscribers were charged. Additionally, a relatively similar lawsuit was filed against Microsoft in 2011 for double-billing some customers for Xbox Live’s subscription service. 

Have you been affected?

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