Xfinity is not sending customers the gift cards they were promised as sign-on bonuses.

Several customers who report having signed up for Xfinity (Comcast) based on promotions offering $100-$300 prepaid gift cards, also report not having received those gift cards several months later. Xfinity support is not being helpful and is providing customers with no updates on the status of their gift cards, and some customers report receiving the gift cards randomly outside of Xfinity’s promised delivery period. Additionally, the gift cards expire in 180 days, so it is possible that Xfinity is hoping that customers forget about the gift cards entirely. Customers may have claims for false advertising.

Xfinity’s terms and conditions include a mandatory binding arbitration provision that can be opted out of within 30 days, and a class action waiver.

Staples settled a similar lawsuit in 2018 over claims that they did not follow through on rewards that they promised to customers. 

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